Turkish Project Logistics Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish project logistics, Turkey project logistics manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality project logistics from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

KARINCA LOJISTIK        Turquia         
s air freight, project logistics, sea freight
CAGBERK LOJISTIK PAZ. A.S.        Turquia         
s land transport, railway transport, transportation by sea, customs services, warehouse service, project logistics, fairs and eventslogistics, logistics warehousing, customs services, land transport, railway transport, project logistics
BORUSAN LOJISTIK        Turquia         
s land transportation, automotive logistics, warehouse management, chain solution development, project logistics, international transportation, customs clearance
CATONI DENIZ ISLERI A.S.        Turquia         
s marine works, shipping services, liner agency, tramp and port agency, liner husbandry agency, energy, project logistics, freight forwarding solutions, marine works
COMPASS LOJISTIK A.S.        Turquia         
s logistic, logistics, logistical services, transport logistics, project logistics